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Another Favorite Sales Story

We had been getting calls at our house for the last three months from a timeshare company.  They wanted us to come out to listen to a sales presentation.  Apparently our friends had gone to a presentation and gave them our information as a possible interested party, “thanks guys by the way.”  Apparently if you went to the presentation you received a three day no expense trip to Las Vegas.  We went to the presentation, saw the movie and then were paired up with a young fellow who was going to give us the pitch.  In summary, we ended up listening to this guys spiel for almost an hour.  We probably said one word during his presentation.

The whole idea really makes sense in theory.  Pay a yearly fee and have an option to vacation anywhere in the world.  But travel and having fun is not free, this program was going to cost us a cool 13k dollars.  At the time we were just out of college and did not have two nickels to rub together.  We raised the objection of not having the money, hopefully thinking this was our way to get out of here and get the free tickets.  “No problem,” he said, “we can finance you for around 16%APR,” “Oh Goodie,” I thought. 

After that I just said no and the salesperson flipped out.  He actually became pissed off at me for not investing 13k with his company and his idea after just meeting him an hour ago. If you are going to ask me for 13k at least by me dinner or at the very least a muffin. 

Eight years later my wife and I have talked about actually doing a time share despite our negative experience.  But for that one bad experience, we just cannot do it.  It is amazing how one salesperson can influence you good or bad for the rest of your life.




Written by Aaron L

December 22, 2010 at 5:10 am

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